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Pavilion Rentals

The 2023 pavilion rental season will open up to City of Taylor residents, businesses and organizations on January 8, 2024. Pavilion rentals for all others will begin on February 5, 2024. All pavilions can be rented from May 1- October 1, 2023 (the Sheridan pavilion can be rented until October 21).

All pavilion reservations must be made in person. Certain dates, such as the weekend of the Taylor Summer Festival, Junior League World Series and other City events, are not available for rental. Please call the Taylor Recreation Center at 734-374-8900, Option 2 for further information.

A security deposit and booking fee is mandatory for all rentals at the time of booking -- no exceptions. The deposit for all pavilions (other than the Sheridan Open Air Pavilion) for residents is $100 and $150 for non-residents; for the Sheridan Pavilion the deposit for residents is $250 and $350 for non-residents. Damage deposits must be made with either a check or blank money order. 

Please note that the gazebo in Heritage Park is now exclusively rented out through the Little Wedding Chapel. For questions and booking options/availability, visit their website here.

We currently do not offer free, discounted, or special rates for non-profits. 

We no longer offer half day rentals, with the exception of the Sheridan Open Air Pavilion.

Please note the following:

  • Cash will not be accepted for damage deposits.
  • No reservations will be taken over the phone.
  • You must reserve a pavilion in person at the Taylor Recreation Center with identification.
  • Pavilion rentals are non-refundable.

Want a better look at our pavilions? Click here to view our Pavilion Catalog, complete with detailed information and photos.

Available Pavilions

Pavilion Capacity Resident Rate (M-F) Non-resident Rate (M-F) Resident Rate (S-S) Non-resident Rate (S-S)
Jaycee Park 50 $90 $130 $150 $180
Papp Park 230 $90 $130 $150 $180
Nothwest Park Pav A 75 $100 $140 $160 $190
Northwest Park Pav B 50 $100 $140 $160 $190
Heritage Park Pav A 150 $110 $150 $170 $200
Heritage Park Pav B 75 $110 $150 $170 $200
Sheridan Center (in Heritage) 2,000 $300 $400 $600 $700
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    Melanie Shihadeh

    Recreation & Events Manager