Public Works Projects Update

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Street Repairs Begin April 3

The City of Taylor has contracted with Fiore Enterprises, LLC to repair sections of Champaign from Pardee Road to Pelham Road, Haskel from Pardee to Monroe, Haskell from Merrick to Pelham, Pine from Goddard to Brest, Brest from Pardee to Heatherwood Ct., and, Racho from Eureka to
Northline .

Work is scheduled to begin the week of April 3, 2017. Multiple streets may be under repair at the same time. The concrete repair work on each street will last approximately four to five (4-5) weeks. Fiore will give notification at least twenty four (24) hours before removal work is to begin on the street. The

Contractor will begin by saw cutting the sections to be removed, followed by pavement removal, base preparation, drainage structure adjustment and repair, and placing and curing concrete. After the concrete has cured for a minimum of five to seven (5-7) days, work will begin on the other half of the street.

Working hours will be 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. The street will be worked on one half at a time to allow traffic to continue during and after working hours. However, due to the extent of some of the street repair areas, residents may lose access to the front or side of their property when work is being performed in front of or next door to their property, or on the
opposite side of the street. 

For the residents own convenience, and so that the work can be performed in a safe and timely manner, kindly park vehicles in other locations.

Trash pick-up will continue on the regularly scheduled day. If there is work being performed in front of your residence, place the trash receptacles at curbside on the opposite side of the street that work is taking place on, or at the center of the street next to a repair area.

We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause. The City and Fiore will try to limit the inconvenience as best as possible. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions please contact Greg Mayhew, City Engineer, at 734-374-1473, or by email at

Street-sweeping starts

The Department of Public Works has announced its 2017 spring street sweeping schedule, which begins this week with major roads in the community. This round of street sweeping will run through Friday, April 21.

Through Friday (March 24), street sweepers will run (in order) along Pardee, Superior, Goddard, Brest, Delta, Universal, Beech Daly, Holland, Trolley West, Wick, Monroe, Trolley East, Racho and back to a portion of Superior.
Beginning on Monday, March 27, the sweeps will work their way through the residential streets, mirroring the regular trash and recycling pickup schedule. They will rotate through that schedule on residential streets through Thursday, April 13.

From Monday, April 17, through Thursday, April 20, the sweepers will focus on "as needed" areas, parking lots, requests and any missed areas. The spring schedule will end on Friday, April 21, in the southeast region of the community.
The schedule is tentative, and may be changed by weather, equipment and manpower.
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Water Main Improvements to Begin April 3

Water main improvements on Michael Street and Gulley Street from Van Born Road south to I-94, and on Van Born Road from Telegraph Road to Gulley Street, are scheduled to begin the week of April 3, 2017.  Please review the following information.  If you have any further questions, please contact the parties listed below.  

What work is being done, and why?

In following through on the City of Taylor’s planning efforts to maintain and improve City infrastructure, water mains within your area are scheduled to be replaced with the City of Taylor Water Main Rehabilitation Program. The work will primarily involve a widely-used construction operation known as pipe-bursting, a trenchless method, whereby the existing main will be replaced with a new main in the same location.  In addition, there are a few locations where a new main will be placed through another trenchless method known as directional drilling.

This work will increase water flow and pressure; improve water quality; eliminate “spaghetti” service lines which run through backyards connecting the water service to adjacent streets instead of to the water main located in front; and, add more fire hydrants making the neighborhood safer.

What is the Project area?
The improvements scheduled for April thru June of 2017 include Michael Street and Gulley Street from Van Born south to I-94, and Van Born Road from Telegraph to Gulley Street.  

Who is doing the work?
The City of Taylor has contracted with Bidigare Contractors, Inc. to perform the water main construction project.  Wade Trim Associates, Inc., the Consulting Engineer for this Project, will be providing construction inspection oversight and construction engineering assistance.    

When will work start, and for how long?
Staging and water main pipe preparation is beginning this week, March 27, 2017.  Installation work on the streets is scheduled to begin the week of April 3, 2017, beginning with Michael Street, then Gulley Street and completing with Van Born Road. The Contractor will be working Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Saturdays may be worked if time is lost due to weather.  A new water main will be installed and residents will have their water service connected to the new water main. The water main improvements are scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2017 unless weather delays keep the work from being completed by that time.

Will this affect my current water service?
Yes.  You may be without water service for one day between the anticipated hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. while the Contractor replaces the water main, connects the service lines to the new water main, and performs necessary testing.  Notification of necessary water shut-offs will be distributed the day before to the affected properties. Please note you will not be left without water service overnight.  

How will this affect my water?
The new water main and services will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the water being turned back on.  However the shutting off/turning on process may cause some reversal of flow in existing mains which will cause circulation of sediment in the existing mains.  This may cause a discoloration that is not harmful to you.  We advise residents to not use their washing machines and dishwashers until the water is clear to prevent any possible staining of personal property.

If discoloration occurs, the problem may be corrected by letting your cold water run for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, or until the discoloration goes away.  Also, remove and clean any filters you may have at faucets or connections to appliances as they will trap sediment and result in low flow or pressure until cleaned.

Will my street be closed?
During some of the work, it may be necessary to provide traffic control to allow cars to pass or to close a section of road to allow room for the Contractors equipment and work. Your driveway may also need to be temporarily closed to perform the water main replacement or service connection work.  Residents will be notified before their drive approaches are closed to allow the resident to move their vehicles to an alternate location until the work is completed and the drive approach is reopened.    

What about Police, Fire, and Rescue access to my home?
The Police and Fire Departments will be kept advised as to the location and status of construction operations.  Every effort will be made to maintain emergency access to your home even if your street is subject to traffic control.

Where will staging take place and construction materials be stored?
Construction staging and material storage will be on the east side of Westlake Street, in the City of Taylor Right of Way, from Van Born Road to I-94.  The area will be isolated with snow fencing, barricades and signs.  This area should not be used to access other properties.  

Equipment may be left on the street or in the immediate vicinity of excavation locations when crews are not working.

What about property restoration?
Restoration will be an ongoing process and completed as work in your immediate area is completed. Generally, when the water main work is complete, the Contractor will replace removed or damaged concrete, and restore the disturbed lawn areas by grading level and placing topsoil and seed.  This work is scheduled to be completed within one week after the water main work on your street has been completed.  All special items and landscaping that needs to be removed, or may be disturbed, to construct the new main or make service connections will be restored or replaced to “as before” condition by the Contractor, including existing irrigation systems.  Your cooperation in protecting these newly seeded areas will help promote the restoration process.

If a resident has any special items, such as furniture, trees or memorials, they are encouraged to personally remove these items from the work area and replace them after the work is completed.

Will I experience any disruption in other utility services during construction?
With any underground construction work, there is a risk of temporarily disconnecting utility services. If this occurs, the construction workers are usually aware of the problem. However, it would be a good idea to call Wade Trim at (734) 947-9700 and report any problem. Service will generally be restored the same day or as soon as possible.  Any disruption to your gas or electric should be immediately reported to your service provider (i.e. DTE Energy).

Who do I call if I have a question or problems come up during this project?
We encourage you to call our engineering consultant, Wade Trim, with all construction-related questions or concerns. You can call them at (734) 947-9700. Please ask the operator to direct you to the Construction Department and indicate that you are calling regarding the City of Taylor 2016 Water Main Rehabilitation Program.  If you feel that your problem has not been resolved, please feel free to call Mr. Greg Mayhew, City Engineer, at (734) 374-1473, or Mr. Dennis McDermott at (734) 374-1451.