Fire Safety

Importance of Smoke Detectors

Between 75% and 90% of all residential fire deaths could have been prevented by the use of smoke detector and residential sprinkler combination!

Fire Facts From the National Fire Safety Council, Incorporated:

  • 80% of fire deaths happen in the home.
  • 50% of fires did not have a working smoke detector
  • 60 to 70% of fires are started intentionally by juveniles
  • 3 kids die everyday due to playing with lighters/matches

Create an Evacuation Plan

Fires can happen anywhere. A fire in a large building creates an enormous risk to everyone. Other reasons for evacuating buildings include natural gas leaks, earthquakes, hazardous material spills and storms. Knowing what to do is the key to surviving a fire emergency. Conducting regular fire drills will give you the knowledge and confidence to escape a fire safely. There are two steps for a good evacuation program - Planning and Practice.