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December 17, 2020 3:24 PM

SNOW REMOVAL: Questions, answers concerning sidewalks and individual responsibility

With months of bad weather ahead, the City of Taylor would like to remind residents that snow and ice removal is an individual responsibility, especially when it comes to sidewalks and private property. Here are some common questions and helpful reminders:

Who is responsible for clearing the snow and ice from sidewalks?
The owner or occupant is responsible for the removal the accumulation or ice and snow from the public sidewalk. It can be treated with sand, salt or other substance to prevent it from being slippery.

How can I report locations that do not clear their sidewalks?
You can report it a couple of ways, by using the iCare Taylor app on your cell phone or notify the Customer Service Center by calling (734) 287-6550.

How long do I have to clear the sidewalks?
Within 24 hours after the end of each accumulation of snow greater than one inch.

What happens if I don’t clear my sidewalk?
If you do not comply with the ordinance you could receive an ordinance warming and/or violation, which would result in a fine.

How much snow do I need to clear for pedestrians?
The removal of snow and ice means the entire constructed width and length of the sidewalk, including walks and ramps leading to a crosswalk.

Can you give me any tips?
Remove snow along all of the sidewalks adjacent to your property
Move snow to your yard or the parkway adjacent to your property
Do not push snow from the sidewalk into the street
Do not cover the crosswalks with snow
Do not block alley entrances with snow
When clearing driveways or walkways make sure you do not block the sidewalks with snow.

The City encourages neighbors to work with one another during heavy accumulations. Snow may need to be piled high in certain areas, and if neighbors work together, the work can be made easier and conflicts can be avoided. In addition, some neighbors may need assistance.

The City of Taylor Ordinance Department often travels throughout the community during the winter months, reminding residents that they have 24 hours to clear snow and ice from walkways. These are reminders – not tickets. In addition, to help the City of Taylor’s effort to plow residential streets, residents are asked to keep parked vehicles off streets during snowy weather.

If a snow emergency is declared in the City, leaving vehicles parked on residential streets can result in a ticket.

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