Goodwill Garden Available Space

There are a limited number of 20' x 20' plots available to lease at the Goodwill Garden in Heritage ParkTaylorMI.  The plots will be leased on a first come, first serve basis.  You do not have to be a resident of Taylor to lease a plot.  The cost is $25 for the May to October season, and you can grow food, flowers, or both.  No perennials are allowed.  Please contact Patty Donahue at, or 888-383-4108 for availability, to volunteer, or if you just have questions.



Facts about the Goodwill Garden:


·   The Goodwill Garden is in its twelfth year of operation.


·   The land is provided by the City of Taylor and managed by the Hon. Geno D. Salomone of the 23rd District Court.   It is divided into two gardens--a community garden divided into 20-foot plots leased to local residents for raising their own vegetables and flowers; and a 'service' garden.


·   The produce from the Service Garden is planted, maintained and harvested by community service workers assigned by the 23rd District Court.


·   The Service Garden produce is donated to local foodbanks for those in need.  Over 20,000 pounds of food has been distributed in the community since 2002.



The Goodwill Garden mission is to provide fresh, organically grown food to those in need; provide a common place for gardeners to share ideas; enable people to garden in an environmentally and socially responsible way; and educate children and adults about sustainable agriculture practices.