MAIL DELIVERY: Post office says its staff is delivering to mailboxes that it can get to ...

Some Taylor residents have been discussing the issues surrounding mail delivery today (Monday, January 6) because of the recent snowstorm. According to officials at the Taylor Post Office on Goddard Road, they have all their carriers out and about today with the intent to deliver on time.

However, like everyone else weathering this storm, deliveries could be delayed by the conditions, depending on your location. Residents can do their part by keeping their sidewalks shoveled and their mailboxes clear.

As mentioned in several previous posts, the City of Taylor remains in a SNOW EMERGENCY. Residents should keep their parked vehicles off of city streets so that DPW plows can do their best work. The DPW, pending any problems with blowing or drifting snow that would force them to go back to major and secondary routes, is focusing its efforts on residential streets.

Cars blocking the plows are at risk of being ticketed.

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