SNOW EMERGENCY UPDATE: DPS director says plows are focused on residential streets and trash pickup remains on schedule

Just spoke with David Mackie, Director of Public Services, for an update on the current SNOW EMERGENCY. Here are some of the things that he mentioned:

1) Emergency routes and major routes in the city have been plowed. DPW is currently focused on residential street plowing.

2) They are currently working on the trash routes in the residential areas.

3) Some trash cans have been blown over in the process of plowing or by the windy conditions. It would be a GREAT HELP to the trash haulers if residents could stand up any knocked over trash containers.

4) The windy conditions and blowing snow may require DPW plows to be pulled off of some residential streets to return to the major and secondary thoroughfares for a period of time. Please be patient because they will return.

5) If it is one thing that residents can do to help this process, according to Mackie, it is to GET PARKED VEHICLES OFF OF TAYLOR'S STREETS AND THOROUGHFARES.

"It's one thing if you see a car parked with a couple inches of snow on it because you know that they just parked it there," he said. "It's a different issue when the vehicle has 10 inches of snow on it. Residents need to move vehicles out of the way so that the plows can do their work."

6) In a weather-related issue, DPW reports three or four residential water main breaks that the department is fixing.

7) Lastly, there has been some talk about a trash pickup delay due to the dump closing. That is NOT TRUE. According to Mackie, trash pickup is on the regular schedule as of this moment. Only the results of the ever-changing weather will slow or delay that pace.

We will do our best to keep you updated. Should you have any concerns or questions, email Karl Ziomek at