WAYNE COUNTY: Offering all-new Compass webApp, making driving smarter, safer

Something to definitely think about during these snowy conditions is the newest technology offered by Wayne County, the Compass webApp.The application was launched by the county last month and involves the all new, redesigned Compass program.

You can download the webApp at www.waynecounty.com and it enables you to access Compass from smart phones and tablets. The entire Compass program has a new look and an improved performance. Here are some of the newest features:

  • It pin-points your exact location on the Compass map with a GPS function
  • It shows the nearest police stations, towing, service, gas station, auto repair business and hospital with addresses and telephone numbers
  • It offers a pop-up windown -- 888 ROAD CREW -- to report hazards like potholes, fallen trees, etc.
  • It shows up-to-date road construction and accidents
  • It tracks storm systems using a weather map

The new program works directly with 888 ROAD CREW so users can report potholes, downed trees, etc. in real time via a portal. The information goes direct to the county dispatch system.