Help with Navigating the Taylor Website

Our website has undergone many exciting changes and now offers many additional resources that may be unfamiliar to you.  This section aims to introduce each resource briefly and talk about ways to get the most out of our new website.

Forms and other documents

All downloadable forms and documents on the new website will be in Portable Document Format (PDF).  This is the standard created by Adobe and used around the web. For more information about the standard or to download the plugin to view the documents, please visit Adobe at their website Adobe Acrobat Image

Virtual Business Cards (vCards)

vCard Image

All contacts on the website will have a downloadable virtual business card utilizing the vCard standard.  These vCards allow you to directly import these contacts into your mail application like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, and many more.  If you have one of these applications, just click on any of the vCard icons and you will be prompted to import the business cards.  Once these contacts have been imported into your mail application, you will then be able to quickly communicate with them via telephone or email. 

Calendars (iCal format)

The events calendar featured on the website allows users to import all events into their calendar application.  This allows you to stay up-to-date with all upcoming city events and never miss a beat.  The standard is called iCal and adoption of this standard is still somewhat limited.  However, if you use iCal as your calendaring application, importing our calendar is as easy as clicking on the calendar icon below our Upcoming Events section.  iCal Image

RSS Feeds (news syndication)

RSS Icon 

RSS is a very popluar syndication standard used throughout the web. Almost all popular sites feature RSS feeds to allow readers to stay up-to-date without actually having to visit the website.  Some browsers have built-in support for RSS, like Safari and the upcoming Internet Explorer 7, but an RSS capable browser is not necessary.  Other applications, called RSS readers, are available for free and for purchase allowing you to subscribe to all of your favorite sites. 

The RSS icon on every page allows you to subscribe to the press releases featured on the City of Taylor website.  You may also see the RSS icon when you read blogs posted by some of the city's departments.  If you subscribe to these feeds you will be subscribing just to that individual department's blog. 


All weather featured on the City of Taylor website is at most 15 minutes old and is obtained directly from The Weather Channel in order to ensure reasonable accuracy.  Weather Icon