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  1. Northline and Inkster
  2. Pennsylvania Road
  3. Plaza South Drive
  4. Telegraph & Superior Pkwy
  5. Inkster Road Near Pronto Freight
  6. Pardee Road
  7. Ecorse Road East
  8. Van Born and Dudley
  9. Van Born and Cherokee
  10. Telegraph by Comfort Inn
  11. Ecorse Road Near Beech Daly
  12. Van Born and Hampden
  13. Van Born and Huron

Northline and Inkster TRO 1

Northline and Inkster

A beautiful cut of land for your industrial or technological needs! Get your shovels ready!


- Zoned TRO (technological research). 

- Off Inkster Road truck route.

- Small Welcome to Taylor plaza constructed to add value and attention to the area. 

- 32 Acres.