Good to Great Neighborhoods

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Good to Great Neighborhood Program (2018-21 and forward)

G2G Map (2022-Forward)

Area No. 1: Goddard, Westlake, Beech Daly and Haig streets (including Papp Park)

Area No. 2: Pelham, Van Born, Monroe and the I-94 expressway

Area No. 3: Brest, Beech Daly, Cape Cod/Holland and Wick Road

Area No. 4: Pennsylvania, Allen, Jackson/I-75 and the Detroit-Toledo Railroad line

Area No. 5: Telegraph, Van Born, Monroe and the I-94 freeway

Area No .6: Van Born, Beverly, Beech Daly and Inkster

Area No. 7: Goddard, Pardee, Brest and Telegraph roads

Area No.8: Beechwood Estates

Area No. 9: Fox Chase

Area No. 10: Labana Woods

Area No. 11: Meadow Woods Circle

Area No. 12: Woods of Pardee

Area No .13: Monroe Meadows

Area No. 14: Beech Daly, Ecorse, and the I-94 freeway

Area No. 15: Beech Daly, Van Born, Telegraph and I-94

Area No. 16: Allen, Ecorse, Monroe and the Wabash Railroad line

Area No. 17: Telegraph, Beverly, Ecorse and Pardee

Area No. 17: Telegraph, Beverly, Ecorse and Pardee

Area No. 18: Telegraph, Ecorse, Troy and Beverly

Area No. 19: Ecorse, Beech Daly, Newcastle and Cherokee

Area No. 20: Beech Daly, Inkster, Pennsylvania and Eureka

Area No. 21: Beech Daly, Wick, Ecorse and Telegraph

Area No. 22: Telegraph, Ecorse, Monroe and Wick

Area No. 23 Ecorse, Pelham, Wick and Monroe

Area No. 24: Goddard, Brest, Allen and Jackson

Area No. 25: Goddard, Koths, Pardee and Telegraph

Area No. 26 Wick, Pelham, Goddard and Monroe

Area No. 27 Wick, Monroe, Kensington and Telegraph

Area No. 28 Telegraph, Goddard, Westlake and Wick

Area No. 29 Wick, Inkster, Goddard and Holland

Area No. 30 Goddard, Inkster, Northline,Beech Daly and Cape Cod

Area No. 31 Goddard, Telegraph, Northline and Beech Daly

Area No. 32 Telegraph, Brest, Pardee and Northline

Area No. 33 Goddard, Allen, Northline and Pardee

 Note: G2G is scheduled to begin in Area No. 23 in Spring 2022. Next year’s complete schedule will be announced in the spring.