Grass cutting and weed control

Warm-weather months include grass cutting and weed seasons in the City of Taylor.

City Ordinances requires grass and weeds do not exceed 8 inches tall on any property, including grass and weeds along fences and walls. If a violation occurs a notice will be placed on the property structure along with a date for re-inspection (when grass or weeds must be cut).

If the violation is not corrected by the date provided on the notice a contractor will be scheduled to cut the property immediately. The property owner will be responsible for all costs associated with the cutting as well as a $250 administration fee each time the property is cut.

Once the property is added to the cut list it will be cut on a scheduled rotation when the grass exceeds 8 inches. There will be only one notice issued to the property in a calendar year. Each time the contractor cuts the property the owner will be charged for the cut and administration fee. All fees not paid will be assessed to the property in violation.

How do I avoid a ticket? Once you receive a warning notice you have until the re-inspection date (10 days) to address the violation. Upon re-inspection if the grass or weeds have been cut then the ordinance officer will resolve the violation without penalty.

What does an orange sticker on my door mean? This is a warning notice that you are currently in violation of a city ordinance. This is not a ticket. You have 10 days to correct the violation before a ticket is issued. If the violation has not been corrected within 10 days, the City will then proceed to have the property cut. The property owner shall be responsible for all fees associated with correcting the violation.

What is this green sticker on my door mean? This means the property has been added to the grass cutting list. The property will then be cut by a city contractor on a regular schedule and the owner will be responsible for all fees associated with the violation.

How do I get off the grass cutting list? If you need to be removed from the grass cutting list you must submit to City Hall the "Routine Property Maintenance List Notice Form." Download the form by clicking on the hyperlink or get a copy from the Service Center on the first floor inside City Hall.

If this form is filled out and submitted and the property continues to be in violation because the grass and weeds are not being cut, it will be deemed a second offense and the ticket price goes up and it increases for each additional or subsequent offense.

The city ordinance for grass cutting can be found under Article IV Noxious Weeds Section 20-147 to Section 20-150.

Orange Ordinance Violation
Green Ordinance Violation