Probation Department


The Probation Department is responsible for supervising and assessing the risk/need level of individuals referred by the judges of the 23rd District Court.  Defendants can be sentenced to standard probation, Intensive Supervision Program, or they may qualify for, and voluntarily enter the Regional Treatment Court Program.  All of these defendants have access to a wealth of critical resources designed to assist them, along with the expertise of Probation Officers supervising them. The department is also responsible for conducting Pre-sentence Investigations and Substance Abuse Screening and Assessments of defendants referred by the judges of the 23rd District Court.  Community Service referrals for defendants with cases in the 23rd District Court are also handled by the Probation Department.  

Probation Department Staff

Chief Probation Officer:

Kelsey Havener,, 734-374-1325

Regional Treatment Court Program Coordinator & Probation Officer 

Matt Keyes,, 734-374-1353

Probation Officer:  

Kara Grasso,, 734-374-1368

Regional Treatment Court Program Case Manager/Clerk:

Tracie Coffee,, 734-374-1323

Probation Department Clerk’s office:  


Probation reminders

  • Immediately report any changes of address or telephone number to your probation officer directly
  • Report on time - as scheduled. A missed appointment is a violation
  • Strictly adhere to all of your probation terms
  • Obey all laws of this State or any subdivision of the State 
  • Proper attire required for probation appointments 
  • Random drug tests will not be rescheduled