Historical Commission


  • Fourth Thursday of each month

Board Composition

The Historical Commission consists of nine members.

Term of Office

Members of the Commission hold a four-year term limit.


The Historical Commission’s mission is to further the interest of the people in all matters relating to the history of the city and its environs. To that end, if you may acquire historical sites, real and personal property and support the preservation of historic and cultural resources of the city, cooperate in educational programs and issue bulletins and other publications.

Historical Commission

Commissioner Title Term Expires
Patrick Ferguson Board member 05/21/2023
George Gouth Board member 05/21/2023
Caroline Patts Chairperson 05/21/2023
Korey Morris Board member 09/15/2024
Sheri Engelbrink Secretary 05/21/2023
Nancy Mascaro Miller Board member 04/06/2025
Dave Gorgon Co-Chairperson 04/08/2025
Pamela Purcell Board member 06/07/2026
Sharon Vespremi Board member 04/06/2025