Taylor Museum Commission


The Commission shall hold a meeting at least once per month.

Board Composition

The Commission shall consist of a minimum of seven members and a maximum of nine members.

Term of Office

Commissioners shall hold office for three years.


The Museum Commission was established for the purpose of overseeing the Taylor Veterans Museum. The museum was created as a place to honor those who served by displaying mementos and artifacts that tell their story. 

Taylor Veterans Museum Commission

Commissioner Title Term Expires
Stephanie Kreuger Secretary 5-31-2020
Walter Howard Commissioner 5-31-2019
Evie Chateauvert Commissioner 5-31-2019
Frank Canning Treasurer 5-31-2021
Butch Ramik Council Representative 5-31-2021
Ron Bentley Commissioner 5-31-2019
Chris Verdun Commissioner 5-31-2020