Wind Turbine & Solar Panels

Children gathered at the base of a wind turbine.

Wind Turbine

"Turby," our wind turbine, is 45 feet tall. The turbine’s blades spin on windy days, and the energy from the wind is converted into electricity that we can use on the farm to run our lights, computers, and other electrical appliances. It is very quiet, and if you visit the farm, you can touch it and feel it vibrating.

Check out the turbine in action!

A diagram of how sunlight reaches the earth.

Solar Panels

Another source of natural, renewable energy is the sun. The sun is always providing energy for the earth. On top of the Visitor Center roof, we have 21 solar panels that absorb energy from the sun, and then turn it into electricity. The solar panels even work on cloudy days! Together, the wind turbine and solar panels give us almost half of the energy we need on the farm.