Cameron Priebe - Inducted in 2003

Two men and two women, posing with a plaque.

During his 15 years as Taylor’s mayor, Cameron Priebe was credited with increasing economic development, better roads and infrastructure, improved flood control, public safety improvements, and an improvement in the City’s image. However, Priebe’s most enduring legacy may be in the area of parks and recreation.

The cornerstone of Priebe’s accomplishments is Heritage Park, the aptly named jewel of the city, which provides a large recreation area for residents, a historic village, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a fishing pond, and many other attractions.

Priebe’s administration also developed Lakes of Taylor and Taylor Meadows Golf clubs, Westlake Park, Rotary Park, and Homestead Park. The golf courses not only offer outstanding recreation and dining, they provided flood control for thousands of Taylor residents and helped improve the community’s image.

Priebe’s administration converted a rundown racquetball club to the Taylor Recreation Center, which today has more than 600 members and is home to the Taylor Dance Program. He also was one of the biggest boosters of the Junior League World Series.

Priebe, who also served as a Taylor police officer and councilman, is currently an official in the Wayne County Public Services department. Inducted at age 52, he continues to reside in the city with his wife, Terry. The couple has two children, Kasey and Lindsey, and a granddaughter, Olivia.