Library Card Policy

A library card is a contract between a library user and the Taylor Community Library, ensuring library service when certain conditions have been met. All contracts have rights and responsibilities. Library cardholders have the right to borrow materials and the responsibility to return the materials within the time period allotted, in the original condition. The Library has the right, on behalf of the taxpayers of the City of Taylor, to determine policies and standards for the issuance of library cards and the borrowing of materials, and the responsibility to collect and maintain valid information about library cardholders in order to ensure a means of collecting materials or recompense for lost/damaged materials. The Library works with Unique Management Systems for material recovery and fine payments.

Obtaining a Library Card

Taylor Community Library is funded through a millage assessed upon the (taxpayers) (residents) of the City of Taylor. Library cards will be issued to adults over the age of eighteen who reside in Taylor, upon presentation of valid identification with a Taylor address. Acceptable forms of identification are a Michigan Driver's License or State of Michigan ID card. A tax statement, mortgage, or title to property issued in the applicant's name showing residency in Taylor may be accepted with driver's license, upon approval of Director/Librarian.

Children under eighteen years of age who reside in Taylor may obtain a library card only when parent/legal guardian completes the application for minor library card and presents proof of Taylor residency, consisting of Michigan Driver's License or State of Michigan ID card. Legal guardian must present guardianship papers. Child must be able to sign/print legal name.

The Library Network Cooperative

The Library is a branch of the Wayne County Library, and a member of The Library Network (TLN) cooperative. A library card from Taylor Community Library offers borrowing privileges at the fifty-eight member libraries of TLN. Each person may possess only one library card, the TLN patron database will be searched prior to the issuance of any card. If an existing card in good standing is found, the information will be updated. If the search shows an existing card with outstanding fines and/or lost items, the existing card must be brought into good standing before changes can be made. A fee of $2 will be charged for a replacement card, if the record is still in the database. Cards will not be issued to children/family members if the search of the database shows cards of parent/legal guardian not in good standing.

Residents of communities that are members of TLN, other than the City of Taylor, must visit their home library to obtain a library card. That card will be accepted at the Taylor Community Library. Residents of cities outside of TLN communities must obtain a Michicard from their home library; Michicard will be accepted at Taylor Community Library.


Approved and adopted by the Taylor Library Commission June 10, 2013