How much does it cost to play?
Our rates vary based on season and the time of day, for the most accurate and up to date information please visit our Rates Page.

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1. What is the seating capacity of the smallest room I can rent for a meeting?
2. What is the maximum number of guests your largest banquet room holds?
3. Is there a minimum number of guests needed to book a banquet?
4. Does your banquet facility include a dance floor?
5. Do you have a ceremony site for weddings?
6. How far in advance do I have to book an outing?
7. Does Taylor Meadows provide Audio and Visual equipment?
8. Can outside food be brought into the facility?
9. Can I take home buffet leftovers?
10. What are the hours of operation for the restaurant?
11. Does the restaurant take reservations?
12. Do you take carry-out orders for the restaurant?
13. Do you have a range?
14. How much does it cost to play?