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Building Department: Re-Occupancy Inspection Application

  1. City of Taylor Re-Occupancy Inspection Application
  2. Where inspection is to be performed

  3. Change of Ownership*
  4. Change of Tenant*
  5. Requestor's Information
    This section is to be completed by the person requesting the inspection
  6. Owner Information
    This section is for the current owner's information. If the requestor and owner is the same please indicated same on Owner Name line.
  7. Please read before signing application

    This request, when properly signed, grants permission to the housing inspector to inspect the above premise. This inspection is in accordance with the City of Taylor Ordinance's 09-434, as amended and compliance with the State of Michigan Construction Code. This inspection of the land use, plot use, exterior posture and interior accessories of the structure is limited to visual inspection only. The City of Taylor does not guarantee or approve by inference any latent, structural or mechanical defects thereto, or such other items that are not apparent by such visual inspection.

  8. Notices and Orders
    This request, when properly signed, grants the person responsible for the property with a notice of his or her right to seek modification or withdrawal of the order by appealing to a board of appeals according to the State of Michigan Construction Codes.
    Inspection reports will be available for pick up the day after inspection after 11 a.m. You may call the City of Taylor if you prefer to have the inspection report e-mailed to you.
  10. How to schedule the inspection
    Bring a printed copy of this application along with your payment to the Customer Assistance Center at City Hall to schedule your inspection.
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